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Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Women Catalyzing Innovation, The Hivery Mill Valley, 2020
  • Irish Herstory Heroines – Celebrating the Women of Ireland, St. Brigid’s Day: Consulate General of Ireland 2020
  • How to be an Entrepreneur and a Leader, QB3, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Life Science, University of California
  • Seen Heard & Valued: A Conversation with Jennifer Kenny on Transformation Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion, Buzzsprout
  • The Future of Work: How Women Lead, 2019
  • Women in Leadership, Toyota Research Institute, 2019
  • Women and Innovation, Impact Hub Belgrade International Conference, 2019
  • Irish Women Leaders Panel with Dr. Anita Sands, Chief Joanne Hayes-White, Naomi M. Kelly, Dr. Moira Gunn
  • Impact Hub Belgrade International Conference–Impact Angel Network, 2018
  • Technology and Leadership in Silicon Valley, A conversation with Consul General Robert O’Driscoll and Jennifer
  • Kenny, First Fridays with the Irish Consulate, 2018
  • Women Leaders for the World, How Women Lead 2018
  • The Way We Work: Innovating Better Together, Women Transforming Technology Conference, 2018.
  • ASEAN Women in Tech: Conversation with Leaders in Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Brunei. March, 2015
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