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How do we create an environment where genius
is able to emerge?

True innovation is the adoption of new practices in your working environment, not only to reach the goal but rather to reap all the results.

Traditional means of organization don’t work for innovation teams. The basic concept of what lies beneath and beyond existing technology requires an ecosystem that is fundamentally different to that required in delivery are they service or the fabrication of a product.

Innovation leaders need to forget tired methodologies for managing people that are product-focused and move toward creating a different kind of environment.

First, you have to align & engage the genius with a common language.

  • Break down the idea of siloed disciplines, create a culture of collaboration & shared value.
  • Create a common language that fosters wider communication toward a greater goal.
  • Cultivate an ecosystem designed to recognize and celebrate unplanned discoveries & opportunities.
  • Develop a culture with a clear path for tech transfer that gives space for interdisciplinary research & intrapreneurship.
  • Ignite a fire in your team who are driven by the excitement of being a team that empowers them to do great things.
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