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Jennifer drove our organization to implement a more effective, commitment-based management approach that led our teams to more creative thought processes and better collaboration which has lead to greater responsiveness and improved results.

Jennifer did an amazing job of listening to and integrating the agendas of each of the senior team, she helped us work out viable solutions to differences of opinion, and we developed a strategy that we could all get behind. Her methodology is a powerful way to get real commitment behind a strategy and build agility into the supporting resource requirements.

Jennifer has a startling ability to turn teams within an organization who have warred with each other for years–in some cases unable even to talk to each other civilly–into a coherent, effective, single team.

Jennifer has an innate understanding of customer concerns and develops relationships that create mutual business value. Few people possess the ability to create vision, develop strategy, and execute flawlessly. Jennifer is one of these elite individuals.

The turn around was completed ahead of time, went further than was anticipated and spurred the engineering team to achieve world class performance that delivered both significant cost savings and additional revenues within a year.

Jennifer has an uncanny ability to assemble a team, rally and unify them behind a vision, and then enable and encourage everyone to do and be their very best. Her leadership and ability to build alignment, consensus, and trust set her apart from her peers.

Jennifer is calm under pressure and strategizes to come out with a clear-cut plan for solving problems. She has this special ability to distill complex technical information and relate it to business functionality.

Her capacity for building a cohesive, dynamic team and managing team commitments is exceptional. Her leadership resulted in a refreshed and refocused IT program at SRI that is well-aligned with business objectives.

Jennifer is a visionary. Her professionalism in managing teams of different professionals while balancing clients’ expectations leaves anyone in awe. She is an asset to any project by redefining your business processes to maximum effect.

Jennifer is truly a thought leader in business process design and the creation of BPM software applications. She was also an invaluable resource in helping to design the Process Owner Community training program for GreenPoint Mortgage using the principles of commitment-based management.

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