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Design Thinking for
Leading Innovation

The pandemic has accelerated change in how innovation is inculcated into organizations, scaled and monetized. Design Thinking challenges and changes persistent dogma and creates new innovation efficiencies based on process design, operational innovation efficiency, and conversations for design.

Employed successfully by Fortune 500 organizations in large-scale transformation efforts, Design Thinking is a powerful tool to create sustainable, scalable advancements where technology innovation is a “must have.” It helps you create a new frameworks to move from silos of product development to cross functional, game-changing innovation.

We can apply Design Thinking to the design and development of products AND to the design and development of the human interactions needed to design great products. Design Thinking applies both to the design of things, and to the design of work. This is what we call Human Innovation.

Best For: Senior executives and high performing teams where innovation is core to success including AI, IoT, Mobility, Robotics, Blockchain and the Spatial Web, and other technical domains.

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Download Jennifer’s Guide to Design Thinking

Download an excerpt of chapter 3 from What the Hell do We Do Now; Jennifer’s guide to Design Thinking.