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Mastery & Levels of Learning

You may already be familiar with the work of Bert Dreyfus. He is well known for his decades-long critique of […]

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Increase Innovation: leverage the 7 levels of human innovation capacity

Very few inventions hold the same cultural significance as Thomas Edison’s lightbulb. As we trace the ancestry of invention, navigating the systems that have yielded us everything from rockets to nanotechnology…

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Holding Space – a powerful and essential wise leadership competence

For many years I have been a practitioner of ‘holding space’ for people. I love the powerful magic that emerges when together we can grant each other enough trust to support its emergence….

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Guidelines for co-inventing

What is co-invention? It is safe to assume that no one knows everything. It is also safe to assume that people see and interpret situations, projects, problems, opportunities, possibilities and issues differently…

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Beat Overwhelm: 3 ways to help your team take stuff off your plate

You did your New Year’s resolutions, you are now half way into 2018, you have had a decent time to execute your 2018 strategy, now you are focused on some great wins for the year and BAM!..

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Hacking transformation: understanding what you are getting yourself into

Transformations – I’ve done about 15 of them; on the business side and on the people side, in divisions and companywide; as an employee and as an implementer. I love them – got to be a certain kind of madness…

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5 ways to bring your innovation programs to the next level

On International Women’s Day I had the privilege of being able to listen in as an invited guest on some of the larger firms Diversity and Inclusion meetings. Here is what I am seeing from the conversation…

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3 ways to make design thinking stick

Organizations are really beginning to see the value of training people to think like designers. In turn, people are finding […]

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35% – 48% of all new products fail: 4 ways human innovation can increase your chances of success

I had a fascinating meeting with a senior product development person, from one of the valley’s luminary companies, today. We discussed product development in highly complex environments…

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